Thursday, 4 October 2012

Turning over a new Leaf!

The Autumn coolness is settling in and the crisp mornings are taking hold, it all sounds so romantic. I love this time of year, the changing of the season; so obvious and beautiful. The changing leaves are my inspiration for this look, if you follow me on instagram (@Rohini_patel) you will have seen me post this picture of a tree that's outside my house, the leaves have just started to change to their autumnal colours, I love these earthy tones.

With those colours in mind I decided to get my trusted sleek palettes out to see if I could create something and of course all the colours I wanted were there in those palettes.

Products used:

MAC Studio Fix Fluid (NC42)
MAC Studio Finish Concealer (NC42)
NARS Multiple in 'South Beach'

Models own Balm in 'Pomegranate'

Sleek palettes in 'Original' and 'Sunset'
Avon Super shock liner in 'Black'
No 7 Extravagant Lashes in 'Black'

Eyes, how to:

I started by placing all the colours where I wanted them to be. So using a small brush I placed the 'Grass Green' (No.1) in my inner tear duct area. Next to that I put the other 'Moss Green' (No.2), I didn't put too much of this colour as I just wanted to use it as a transitional colour.

Using the amber colour (no.4) across the rest of my lid using a flat eye shadow brush. I found that between the green and amber colour I needed something else so I used the 'Yellow' (No.3) from the sunset palette to keep the colours fluid (using the smaller brush).

To deepen the outer corner I used the 'Burnt Red' colour (No.5) and created a 'V' shape to give some depth to the eye (using the tip of the flat eye shadow brush).

Keep Blending and adding colours as you see fit, you don't always get the intensity that you want with one application and the colours sometimes fade when you have blended.

Try not to over blend, otherwise the colours will blob into one and it will look messy. Just use gentle strokes to get the fluidity that you want.

I still wanted it to be darker to using the 'Black' (No.6) I lined the outer half of my lash line (using an angled brush). It was too dark now, so I went back in with the 'Burnt Red' (No.5) going over the top of the black.

I dragged whatever remained of the 'Burnt Red' underneath the eye.

I lined my water line with the Super shock Liner.

Apply lashings of Mascara.


Just got the NARS Multiple placed it on the apples of my cheeks and blended using my Real Techniques contour brush. Love this colour, warms up the face so nicely, definitely going to be making more use of this with the weather turning.


Thought that a deep red would be well suited with the rest of the tones in the looks but didn't want to use a solid colour so this balm was perfect.

The pictures didn't turn out as sharp as I wanted due to may hap hazard picture taking and the lighting was fading.

But I hope you enjoyed this! Are you happy that Autumn is coming, or are you a summer baby?? Till Next time, bundle up warm and have a cup of cocoa!!



  1. This looks beautiful, so perfect for the season :) xx

    1. Thank you...I love these colours! <3 x

  2. Pretty eyeshadow look! I'm definitely a summer person but I find autumn so beautiful too :)

    1. Thanks! =) You're a summer baby that's why! =P I'm a winter baby! lol! x

  3. This look is amazing! I love autumn too! x


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