Tuesday, 30 October 2012

October Favourites!


Make up:

I don't have any skin care favourites this month, just a couple of makeup treasures that I have really been enjoying this month. Starting with my Revlon Lip Butter in 'Macaroon, this has been my favourite thing to pop on my lips no matter where I am going!

Next is my NARS 'Taos' Blush, these two products compliment each other so well! I have not used any other blush since getting this NARS blush earlier this month. I can see why people 'collect' NARS blushes, the texture and colour range is very different to other brands.



On to my non-beauty favourites; 'Arrow' this is a new US drama based on the Green Arrow comic. I love this show and hope it gets renewed, it's only shown three episodes but I already like the conspiracy that is the underlying story line. And his abs are truly a work of the heavens! (perv much?! =$)


I've really been enjoying listening to Mumford & Sons new album 'Babel'. They come back with another album with amazing lyrics and amazing bonjo's and tambourines.

What have been your favourites this month! Eeee my birth month is upon us, keep a look out for birthday related posts! Hope you have all had an amazing October! =D



  1. The Nars blusher is a lovely colour :) I had better not look at it again or I'll become one of those people you mention who collect Nars!
    I am going to see Mumford & Sons in December :D love them. xx

    1. Lol! I wouldn't judge you if you did become a collector Rachel! Are you????? I'm soo jealous!!!! =( but obviously I hope you have an amazing time!! =D xo

  2. Ooh your beauty faves look like they compliment each other so well! :)


    1. They do...the colours are quite similar! =D xo

  3. i totally agree with you on the Nars blushes! My fave this month is Gina by NARS, I'm just in love with it :)

    1. Oh I'll have to have a look at Gina! xo


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