Monday, 31 December 2012

December Favourites!

I suppose I should start off by saying I hope you all had a good christmas. I had a very chilled one! My family doesn't really celebrate christmas, never really have, so I can't do the whole "look what I got for christmas" thing. But this year I decided to make a roast dinner (from scratch) all by myself. My mum doesn't cook any meat in the house with her being a vegetarian and all, so I have never had a roast dinner cooked in my house. I've had the pleasure of eating them before just never cooked them. I think it turned out pretty well to be honest. My cousin even said that the Yorkshire puddings were better than frozen ones! *Go me* Just need to perfect the art of gravy making.

I did have a gathering with my friends for christmas so that was jolly! Had LOTS of food and drink! It was very fun just chatting away and joking around. We also had a few awful cracker jokes! As some of you may have seen on my instagram. Appalling as they were, it's apart of the Christmas festivities.

So lets get on with my monthly favourites…


Skin care:

There are two products that I have been loving this month, the Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask which I purchased this month but I have been absolutely loving. I will write up a more in depth review for next month but for now there is a noticeable difference in my skin.

Next is more of a body care item, that's the Soap & Glory Breakfast Club Scrub. I had heard a lot about Soap & Glory products so I decided to get the body butter and the scrub, I'm not too sure what all the fuss is about the body butter but I love the scrub.

Make up:

My Makeup Forever HD foundation has been a major favourite this month because I have been taking a lot of pictures this festive season. My cousin got married so I needed a non flash back foundation and this is perfect. If you've read my blog a bit you know that I love using brushes for makeup but I decided to try using my fingers for this foundation and its so velvety that it blends much better with fingers.



This one is going to be the same as last month … The Weeknd Trilogy, it's literally been on a loop non stop. I'm surprised that I haven't gotten sick of it because I usually would do when listening to things non stop like I have with this.

Well that's all for this YEAR! Can't believe that 2012 has finished, it's definitely been a year of change but next year I hope to realise a lot of hopes and dreams with a lot more hard work and even more positive thinking! I hope all of you have a safe and blessed entrance into 2013! Here's to an amazing year to come and more beauty-licious discoveries! Peace & Love Gorgeous people!


Sunday, 16 December 2012

NARS Taos!

As some of you know I bought a couple of things from NARS a month or so ago. The blush has featured in a past favourites but I haven't actually spoken about how much I do love it. Now, this is my second NARS blush, I don't think that I'm going to start collecting them. They are amazing but I feel you can equally get the same quality products from the high street. But here I am sharing my love about this product (may have to balance the books and share some of my favourite high street blushes ^^).

There are so many rave reviews about the infamous NARS blushes like 'orgasm' and 'deep throat'. But the others kind of get left out and they are just as amazing! My recent purchase of 'Taos' was attraction at first sight. The colour of this blush was one that I hadn't seen before and with that in mind I had to have it.


It's a perfect colour for this time of year where deeper more amber blushes tend to get used. It's got flecks of gold shimmer in it, which gives a lovely glow to the skin. Obviously the packaging is amazing and sleek, the ultimate love of NARS products. The pigmentation, of course, is amazing. And as with all NARS blushes a definite tap should be given when the product is first picked up with a brush. I find that it lasts all day on me. My washed out face needs the colour so I notice if a blush has worn off throughout the day, and this isn't one of them.

I think that if you are going to invest in a blush, then there should be something particularly special about it. I think this one was definitely worth the price tag. The quality and smoothness of this blush is lovely but the colour is definitely what make it stand out from the crowd.


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

New Hat!

Some of you may have seen a 25% off for students on ASOS a couple of weeks ago. This was the perfect opportunity for me to use my friends discount (got to be frugal =D) and get my overdue birthday present for my Dad, a jacket which he has been banging on about for months.

Well, whilst trolling the website to see if anything caught my eye I stubbled across this lovely beanie (unfortunately its no longer on their website -_-). I haven't ever really worn hats, of any kind, before but I thought this was the perfect time to try it. I was instantly drawn to the different coloured wools that it is made up of. It's so warm and is easy to wear for the days when you should have washed your hair but couldn't be bothered (I have them a lot!). It will go with a lot of outfits with the mixture of blue, green, grey, purple and red wool.

It was £10 originally but with my friends discount was £7.50, what a bargain!

The quality is really nice. I just hope that nothing bad happens to it when I wash it. I think this was a good step into experimenting with 'head wear'.

Here's to a warmer head! =)

Do any of you like wearing hats? Where have you bought them from?


Thursday, 6 December 2012

How it Feels to Fly!

Strap Top - H&M | Top - New look | Jeans - Topshop | Shoes - M&S

This is such an over due post. I seem to be going out quite a bit lately, which I am totally loving. On Saturday I went out to Clapham with a few friends. It was absolutely freezing, as the recent weather is obviously displaying. With that in mind I wore my trusted Black Jeans to help stop the cold get to me. I tucked into it this leopard print top. I love this top, it's baggy yet flattering all at the same time. I felt like the outfit was missing something so I added this necklace which I got ages ago from New Look.

On the face I went for a bold lip…queue my now trusted Rimmle 107. I can't get enough of this colour! It's so flattering. If you want a full review click here. I just curled my hair with my straighteners and done.

I had a really good night out. In the past it's usually had to take a special occasion for me and my friends to get together and go on a night out, but I prefer going out on those random nights for no reason, just to shake your bum bum. I feel like I'm going backward, thought I would have been over all this by 25 but clearly not =) Makes me feel young either way!

Hope you're all having a good week! P.S Sorry about the poor quality pictures!


Sunday, 2 December 2012

November Favourites!

So it's that time of the month that we all share our monthly favourites with one another, Christmas is seriously upon us! Ekk…don't know about you, but I'm excited!! But can't believe November is over…boo!

Let us get to it then:


Skin care:

I suppose this product isn't strictly speaking a skin care product, but a lip care product. If you follow me on Twitter then you will know how much I have been loving this product, it's even got its own post!! If that's not love then I don't know what is. If you want to see a full review definitely go and check out my rave

Make up:

This month I haven't really been wearing a lot of eye shadow, the same as last month I suppose, but what I have been loving to do it using just my Inglot shadow in "54" (AMC), which is a warm brown with flecks of gold and lightly brushing that along my crease to define my socket by itself. That along with lashing of mascara

Which cooly leads me on to my next favourite, the No.7 extravagant volume mascara. I've used it a few makeup posts and if I'm honest I didn't really like it when I got it. That's because it was quite thick and would clump my lashes, which was a shame because I loved the brush. But after having it a while, it's calmed down and nicely adds volume and separates my lashes.



This is a relatively new programme that's come to our TV's. I first heard of this programme when I was in America last year and we visited Warner Bro's Studios and we got to see the set at which they film. It's such a funny programme with whit and innuendo. If you haven't watched it and you want a laugh then definitely check it out.


There is only one music LOVE this month! The Weeknd released his Trilogy album which consists of all three of his past albums. I already had his 'house of balloons' album but I was anticipating this album. If you like R'n'B then I suggest you listen to this album, it's such easy listening. His voice is amazing! There is just something about it.


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