Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Crème de la Cream Blush!

Hey all! Sorry about the lack of posts! Thought I would talk about one of my favourite products at the moment; Bobbi Brown’s pot rouge for lips and cheeks. I know that this isn’t a new product but its new(-ish) to me.

Sorry about the bad lighting, my camera wasn't feeling well

I probably got my first one back in September. I had done quite a bit of debating on whether or not to get it. Reason being the blemishes I have on my cheeks, I figured if I applied a cream over them the foundation would just rub off (exposing scaring). But I thought it would bite the bullet and get one to try. I was obviously right to try it because now I have two.

The reason for the love at the moment is because it provides a nice sheen/glow on the skin and when the weather is dull you look so awake/fresh. I personally think it’s like a very natural ‘glow from within’ (sorry for sounding cliché!).

It’s a really creamy texture and super easy to blend. I would probably stay away from it if you have really oily cheeks because I don’t think it would last on that skin type. It has really good pigmentation and is nice and buildable. They come in a range of colours. As for pigmentation peaking through on application; it does a little, but I find using a brush is better than fingers (and you can touch up concealing afterward).

Now, this product says it is good for lips, to be honest I haven’t used it on my lips, I feel like it would be a funny texture for the lips but I can’t judge that claim.

It comes in at £18.00 which isn’t cheap! But I got ‘cabo coral’ at the airport and ‘powder pink’ when there was a discount/sale thing going on in Debenhams. So if you are contemplating it, keep your eyes pealed for sales.

Have you got any of the pot rouges? What do you think? =) x

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Make-up Brush Loving!

Whenever my friends come around they are always astonished by the vast array of make-up brushes I own, I’ll be honest; I have too many...“Hi, my name is Rohini and I am addicted to make-up brushes!”

I have a thing about applying my make up with my fingers, I don't like it. I don't know why but that’s my excuse for owning so many. That being said, I know exactly which brushes I would recommend!

Real Techniques!!

I bought mine when I went to America last September. I was absolutely driven to get these brushes and I am so glad I did! The hype surrounding these brushes is justified. I am soo happy that they are finally being stocked in Boots, all I can say is; it’s about time!

If I had to pick which brushes to buy out of the 3 sets, I would say the core collection, which contains brushes for face products.


The buffing brush is brilliant for foundation application. The contour brush is great for cream blushes. There are two other brushes which can be used for concealer, one larger than that the other. These brushes apply liquid and powder products brilliantly. The bristles are super soft (they’re synthetic), they are easy to clean and it’s affordable. You get 4 brushes for £21.99 and if you have enough boots points you don’t need to pay a penny.


The only thing that is slightly annoying about these brushes it the size of the handles, they are quite chunky. The reason is so they can sit on your vanity but I don’t keep my brushes like that, they all live in holders. I can live with this minor flaw though, definitely worth a look see if you’re in a boots or looking to invest in some brushes.

The brush that I really wanted when I went to America was the stippling brush, but they were out of stock (I was so gutted), so that is now on my list of things to get when I get paid.

Do you have any of these brushes? If so, what do you think of them? What brushes are you favourite? =) x

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Shrove Tuesday!

Usually I don’t make pancakes on Shrove Tuesday but today I thought why not…any excuse for something sweet! I had a quick Google to get the precise measurements and followed a Delia recipe.

It was quick and easy and managed to feed my brother, my Dad and myself. They were absolutely scrumptious. I had mine with lemon and sugar.

What’s your favourite topping for pancakes?

Monday, 20 February 2012

Polish Post!

So after about 3 weeks off the nail polish (and it was hard…sooo hard) I have finally painted my nails in one of my all time favourite colours; chaperone by 17.

The 3 weeks was definitely needed as my nails were flaking and staining, not good. But now they are in the best shape they have been in for quite a while!

I love this nail polish because it looks good against my skin tone and it’s understated. The grey is nice and muted and the price is super affordable (£2.99 from Boots). I can’t get enough of it! It lasts for a good few days without chipping and it has good pigmentation with two coats.

What’s your favourite nail polish? =) x

Friday, 17 February 2012

It’s Cheesecake Time!

As an avid baker I have been meaning to make a cheesecake for the longest time. This is the second time I have made a cheesecake. With that in mind I thought I would Bake a cheesecake, having made a very basic non-bake one before.

All I can say is you MUST try it out…it was delicious!!!

Doesn't look that great, but I assure you, it was BRILLIANT (if do say so myself)

The ingredients were:


500g Cream Cheese (Philadelphia)
225g of white caster sugar
2 eggs
2 teaspoons of vanilla extract
225g cup of sour cream


250g digestive biscuits (your choice really)
125g unsalted butter


  • Just pre heat the over to 165°C
  • Cream the cream cheese and sugar together
  • Add the eggs one at a time
  • Add vanilla and sour cream
  • For the base; melt the butter and add to crushed/blitzed biscuits in a bowl and mix to combine.
  • Press this mixture down into an 8 inch loose bottomed baking tin.
  • Add the cream cheese mixture on top and bake for 45-50 minutes.

You can add your choice of fruit on top. It tasted better the next day if I’m honest, but it was well worth the reward at the end of all of that baking.

Please try it let me know how you like it. =) x

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Hand salvation!

Well, I don’t know about you, but I am just about ready for this weather to warm up! This ‘yo-yo’ing’ that the temperature is putting us through is doing nothing for my skin, especially my hands! They are constantly dry.

My 150ml l'occitane shea butter hand cream

This is the saviour of my hands! It’s the l’occitane shea butter hand cream for dry skin…I cannot tell you how amazing it is for this time of year! I first got this in a gift set which I received for one of my birthdays (thank you to my friend Ling!). After being super impressed, I decided to get the largest one to keep on my bed side table (while a smaller one is in my handbag). The larger one pictured (150ml) retails at £17.50 and the smaller one (30ml) retails at £7.50. It’s a bit more expensive than most high street hand creams but worth a go if you have the spare cash.

Firstly, it smells amazing! Secondly (and more importantly), it hydrates my skin back to life! It is slightly greasy, so for those of you who aren’t keen on that feeling it may not be for you, but at this time of year and when the weather isn’t that great, it really does its job! And thirdly, it does get absorbed into the skin within a minute or so, a small amount goes far!

I definitely recommend it for anyone who has dry skin on their hands or working in an environment where they find their hands getting tight and dry

Hope it was helpful!! =) x

Sunday, 5 February 2012

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation!

My foundation in NC42 (excuse my large looking hand)

As the title suggests I am going to talk about my very first proper foundation, the MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. Now I think I should start by saying that this was my first foundation which was properly colour matched to me. I have used MACs powders before but after a horrific acne break out I had years ago I have been left by awful acne scaring.

Whenever I used to look at foundations in the chemists I used to struggle to find my best match (being Indian and all). I used to find the foundations were too pink toned and would make me look ashy. MAC was my obvious choice for a better colour selection.

Now on to the actual foundation (rather long back story); it is full coverage, which I know isn’t to everyone’s taste but for me it is definitely what I need. The smell is much to be desired, let’s be honest, but I can live with it.

When I first bought it I had a basic foundation brush, which done the job fine, but it felt thick on my skin, not nice. But I have learnt a trick, which I want to share…BUFF IT IN! It doesn’t feel anywhere near as thick when applied with a dense synthetic brush. By buffing this foundation in it feels sheer but the coverage is still full, brilliant if you have scarring like me. It sets rather fast, so I would suggest putting it on the back of your hand and dipping the brush in. I know I’m not a make up artist (not by any means) but I thought I would share this in case anyone out there is having problems with this foundation after purchasing it.

I hope that was remotely interesting! Thanks for reading!! =) x

Friday, 3 February 2012

Hello there! *I'm waving*

Well this is a little weird. I have finally decided to make a blog! I suppose all first posts are suppose to be a little awkward, I'm sure you will forgive me.

Just an introduction, my name is Rohini. This will be my forum to enjoy and talk about everything I love; beauty, food, books and much more other lovely goodness. So I thank you for stumbling upon my blog! And hope you come back for more!!
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