Monday, 24 September 2012

The Beginning Of The Rest Of Their Lives Together!

So, this weekend has been exhausting! But along with that it has been mighty special! One of my best mates, Nayna, got engaged! Well, she got engaged back in May, but yesterday was the day where her and her fiancé had their Indian ceremony (chandlo). It doesn't consist of a lot, a few gifts exchanged, a re proposal in front of everyone and A LOT of pictures! It was beautiful!

Myself, Bineeta and Aasha all wore Pink. We weren't asked to, but thought it would be nice for there to be a little theme between us three. We were there at the side of the stage helping whenever we could. We were there till the end, was really lovely to be apart of this special day as if we were family. =D

Nayna looked absolutely stunning in a cream outfit! I cannot express how beautiful she looked. Her mum bought the outfit from India, without Nayna being there and I think I say this on her behalf that she did a mighty fine job! Nayna looked like a princess!

The day started early, with going to Nayna's house to get ready at 6.30am. I was asked by Nayna's mum to do her makeup, so no pressure then! I went over on Saturday to do a little pamper session for Nayna's mum, did her nails and trailed her eye makeup, which she was happy with. She wanted something that was simple and not too much, so hopefully I managed that. Along with doing her makeup I did Aasha's and Bineeta's, oh and mine!

Bineeta's sari was a slight lilac pink so I used an old Estee Lauder palette which had a nice taupe (all over the eye) and deep purple (darken the outer corner) in it. On Aasha's I used MAC's 'paradisco' all over the lid with a deeper pink mixed with a pinky-brown in the outer corner from the 'oh so special' Sleek palette.

Mine in all honesty was a bit of a rush, i used MAC's 'all that glitters' on the first half of the lid and 'paradisco' and the cranberry colour from the Estee Lauder palette. I used Illamasqua's 'Dixie' cream blush and contoured. Unfortunately I didn't manage to take close up pictures of the make up I did because we were so busy. But there are lovely pictures of the happy couple and cake! (If/when I get a picture of all four of us I shall update this post)

Congratulations once again to Nayna and Kishan! Can't wait for the wedding! =D


Friday, 21 September 2012

Light As Airr!

I have used this foundation on some previous FOTD posts (my last post for instance) and I thought it was about time I wrote what I really think of this product. After hearing rave reviews from the lovely Vivianna from Vivianna does makeup, I caved and got the Jemma Kidd Light as Air foundation. Unfortunately I don't have anywhere close to me that sells this product, so picking the right colour for me online was going to be difficult. Luckily, I know what my undertone is and the swatches on feel unique are quite good. Therefore I got medium beige, this is a yellow toned foundation.

I have to say, when I first used I wasn't greatly impressed as I found that it didn't blend well, even with my beloved real techniques buffing brush. I kept using it, thinking it was just my technique of putting it on but I wasn't having much luck. Then I exfoliated my skin and used the foundation, and it worked beautifully on my skin.

What I like about it.

I like that coverage that I get from using a pea sized amount of the product. When I look for foundation the main thing I look for is a good coverage, but when I find one that is good coverage I find that it to heavy on the skin. So this is a perfect compromise.

When I have set it, it lasts all day. I haven't found that it fades or streaks when set. But you definitely need good skin to wear it nicely, by this I mean well hydrated and exfoliated. If you have flakey skin then I wouldn't recommend using it.

It's got an SPF of 18! I am all for protection against those UV Rays! But beware if you're going to take pictures with flash; you WILL look like a ghost! Lol!

What i don't like about it.

The packaging is horrible, and I don't just mean the actual bottle that it comes in even the box that it came in was tattered upon its arrival. The foundation is all over the bottle opening, so I HAVE to store it upright otherwise when I open up that bottle it will be everywhere. As much as i like the consistency because of the result when applied, the fact that it's in a hand cream style bottle is annoying because it's so easy to pour out too much. considering that the RRP is £25 (although Jemma Kidd products are always on offer you have a good look, I got mine for £20), I would expect better packaging if it is going to compete with higher end make up brands.

You need to clean your makeup brush after using this foundation. I found that it left a not so nice smell on my brush when I hadn't cleaned it. Not nice.

That's the mess that I mentioned, the lid just isn't tight enough


It is a really (and I mean really) thin, runny consistency. You have to be careful with the amount that you pour onto the back of your hand.

That's how runny it is!


It is a medium to full coverage foundation, which is perfect for me. I like using a normal flat foundation brush (my No.7 one) or my Lauren Luke Circular foundation brush. This foundation comes in 7 different shades, even having one that suits ebony coloured ladies. The foundation is exactly what it says, which is light as air, I cannot feel it when I have put it on my skin. As someone who suffers from oily skin I would definitely recommend setting this with a loose powder or whatever it is you use. If you have drier skin then you will be fine without needing to set it.

Before application


It's unfortunate that Jemma Kidd products aren't more widely available in stores. I know that Space NK sell her products but there are a lot more online stores that sell her products.

I don't know if I would repurchase it because I am one for experimenting with new products. This is the first foundation that I genuinely cannot feel on my skin, but with its price mark, I think that I could find another foundation that may be better in terms of overall appeal. I would definitely recommend it if you have been looking for a light weight foundation with really good coverage!

Have you tried it? What have you heard?


Sunday, 16 September 2012

Acid Flower Bomb!

When I was 18/19 and I first got started into makeup I used to love experimenting with coloured shadows! But in the last year or so I have slowly started to get into wearing Neutrals when I go out.

I have this blouse...there is a picture further down. And I loved the colour combination of the flowers that I wanted to see if I had the colours to create a ‘look’. Low and behold I have the sleek Caribbean palette (was limited edition) and it had all the colours!

I understand that it isn’t exactly a wearable look, it was just a bit of fun! So on to how to recreate it.

I don't know why but when I smile to the camera when taking pictures for these types of posts I look like a stalker! Lol! So you're stuck with pictures of me looking miserable! Sorry!


I used the Jemma Kidd Light as Air foundation in 'medium beige'. And concealed my blemishes and eye bags with my MAC studio finish concealer in NC42.


I used a primer first, any primer that you have will do, I used the Urban Decay primer potion.

Using a flat eyeshadow brush I packed the pink colour on the first half of my eye lid and into the inner corner of my eye.

Flipping the brush I packed the orange colour onto the outer half of my eye.

Using a fluffy blending brush I blended the middle so it would become fluid, I kept going into the colours and blending to get it to how I liked.

Using a pencil brush I picked up the red colour and gently (I mean I barely put any pressure on the application) I drew a ‘V’ on the outer corner, dragging it over the top of the orange and part of the pink. I blended the colours together so there were no harsh lines.

I pulled the red colour underneath my eye with whatever was left on the brush.

Using an angled brush I picked up the purple and lined the upper lash line. Whatever was left on the brush I put on my lower lash line.

I then curled my lashes and put on the mascara and lined my waterline.


All I used was my sleek contour kit to sculpt my face; so that’s underneath my cheek bone, my jaw and around my temples.


I wanted to keep them nude considering the eyes, so I used my ELF matte Lip colour in tea rose (which I absolutely love!).

There you have it =) I think I need to get out of my neutrals funk and bring out the colours! Hope you enjoyed that!


Monday, 10 September 2012

Instagramming #2!

So here is another instagram post. I feel a little guilty doing a post like this because it’s not exactly interesting, but it kind of sums up what I have been up to since my last instagram post.

R1-My Yankee Candle in Midsummers night|Gloomy Day in LDN|Drying my many brushes|Teaching my Parents how to play chess, wasn’t successful|
R2-A bracelet Ling (the bigger picture) MADE me!|There was a Wahaca Burrito there|Reminiscing about being in Las Vegas|The Olympic Torch|
R3-My Wicked Ticket|The Set in the theatre|Big Ben coming home from a night out|What I wore to a BBQ|
R4-A poster in Brick Lane|More Art from Brick Lane|Coffee in my Friends Mug|Champagne at Vertigo 42|
R5-Finally tried Macaroons|My First Professional Manicure|Make up done by my besties, my eyes being closed|Choosing what Sari to wear for Nayna’s engagement|

Finally went to see Wicked the musical and it is an absolutely must see! If you haven’t already, GO! I urge you!!

The Olympics came to an end yesterday, but I got to see the torch when it was going through my area. LOVE LONDON AND LOVE GB! Those Olympians and Para Olympians have made us ALL proud I feel!

For the August bank holiday I went away with my besties for Aasha’s birthday celebrations, 4 days of being together, was amazing and full of funny moments, especially playing Articulate after a few glasses of wine!

I should really show you all what my calendar has been like for the past 2 months, packed just isn’t the word, but I love being busy. Now everything has slowed down slightly but I know at the end of this month it will pick up again with the engagement celebration for Nayna, I just hope that I don’t neglect blogging.


Friday, 7 September 2012

Polish Post 5!

Howdy all! The weather is just weird at the moment isn’t it?! But for the better I must say, a little bit of sun shine before the coolness of autumn/winter kicks in.

Just a quick post today; wanted to share with you guys the Inglot polish I got in this haul.

Inglot Polish in '969'

It’s a nice mint green, perfect in my eyes. I had been looking for a lovely mint green for a while to suit my skin tone and love this colour! You do need to apply about three coats of this polish because it is quite thin in consistency.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!!

<3 =) x

Monday, 3 September 2012

Four Fav MAC shadows!

Hello my lovelies!! How are you all??? I’m glad to say that I’m back to blogging, my life has been a little hectic and honestly I feel like I was lacking inspiration for blog posts, but I’m happy to say that I’m back at it and hopefully I can stick to a rhythm of posting regularly.

So for this post I would like to share with you my favourite four MAC shadows. They are the shadows that I reach for when all I want it a quick wash of colour over the eyes, as well as when I want to spend a bit more on my eye look.

So, starting from the top left hand corner going clockwise is Romp (frost finish). This is a rustic gold colour, but I think it's a bit smoother and more pigmented than other frost finish eyeshadows I have. It’s so easy to wear, put this all over your lid with lots of mascara and you’re ready to go.

Next is All That Glitters, this is a blogger favourite and I have to agree with them. I wouldn’t necessarily put it all over my lid but definitely in the inner corner and the first half of the eye, then I would put a purple or maroon on the outer corner. The shimmer is amazing. If you’re a paler person that you can definitely wear this all over your lid. I would describe the colour as a silver pale pink (veluxe pearl finish).

My next favourite is Paradisco (frost finish). I would describe this as a pink with gold flecks. If your eyes need waking up use this all over the lid or in the first half with something deeper in the outer corner and you’re ready to go. You may need a base with this colour if you want better pay off, like a primer potion or pencil.

Last but not least is my very first MAC shadow Tempting (lustre finish). I used to have problems with this shadow when I first bought it, but now I lurrvee it. It is a lustre, which means its got chunks of glitter in it, but if you just keep building the colour the pay off is lovely. I feel as though it’s a duo-chrome shadow, when looking at it, it looks like an antique gold, but actually in different lights is comes out as a dark brown which is perfect if you just want to wear one shadow and be out of the door.

Top-Bottom: All that glitters, Paradisco, Romp, Tempting

Well, there you have it, when looking at them in the pan it looks like I’ve only really picked two colours but they all give off different finishes.

What are your favourite MAC Shadows? Do you have any of these? Would you like to see me using them in a post? Glad to be back!!

<3 =) x

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