Monday, 24 September 2012

The Beginning Of The Rest Of Their Lives Together!

So, this weekend has been exhausting! But along with that it has been mighty special! One of my best mates, Nayna, got engaged! Well, she got engaged back in May, but yesterday was the day where her and her fiancé had their Indian ceremony (chandlo). It doesn't consist of a lot, a few gifts exchanged, a re proposal in front of everyone and A LOT of pictures! It was beautiful!

Myself, Bineeta and Aasha all wore Pink. We weren't asked to, but thought it would be nice for there to be a little theme between us three. We were there at the side of the stage helping whenever we could. We were there till the end, was really lovely to be apart of this special day as if we were family. =D

Nayna looked absolutely stunning in a cream outfit! I cannot express how beautiful she looked. Her mum bought the outfit from India, without Nayna being there and I think I say this on her behalf that she did a mighty fine job! Nayna looked like a princess!

The day started early, with going to Nayna's house to get ready at 6.30am. I was asked by Nayna's mum to do her makeup, so no pressure then! I went over on Saturday to do a little pamper session for Nayna's mum, did her nails and trailed her eye makeup, which she was happy with. She wanted something that was simple and not too much, so hopefully I managed that. Along with doing her makeup I did Aasha's and Bineeta's, oh and mine!

Bineeta's sari was a slight lilac pink so I used an old Estee Lauder palette which had a nice taupe (all over the eye) and deep purple (darken the outer corner) in it. On Aasha's I used MAC's 'paradisco' all over the lid with a deeper pink mixed with a pinky-brown in the outer corner from the 'oh so special' Sleek palette.

Mine in all honesty was a bit of a rush, i used MAC's 'all that glitters' on the first half of the lid and 'paradisco' and the cranberry colour from the Estee Lauder palette. I used Illamasqua's 'Dixie' cream blush and contoured. Unfortunately I didn't manage to take close up pictures of the make up I did because we were so busy. But there are lovely pictures of the happy couple and cake! (If/when I get a picture of all four of us I shall update this post)

Congratulations once again to Nayna and Kishan! Can't wait for the wedding! =D



  1. Aww congrats to the couple.
    This venue look familiar,where is it? I'm sure i've been to loads of chandlo's here x x

    1. You probably have, it's a Swaminaryan Mandir in NW London x

  2. Aw, you look so so so pretty in pink! (see what I did there...) ha. xxx

  3. Wow, I have no words except SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL! :D <3

  4. Congrats to the couple! You look lovely in Indian attire :)


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