Monday, 22 April 2013

Spring Polishes!

In theme with my blush *post* I thought I would just share a handful of polishes that I know I will be wearing a lot this spring.

I think it's quite obvious that I love pastel colours, and if it wasn't now you know, I just find they draw attention to my hands, I know what to colour polish to stay away from when I'm old and wrinkly >< My most recent favourite it the Models Own polish in 'Peach Puff', it's a light peach colour with a hint of orangey pink.

Along with pastel nails we can't forget the brights, for me it's my standard Barry M polish in 'Coral' and my favourite (of all time) pink polish by Nails inc. in 'Piccadilly Circus', although this isn't the brightest pink I have, it's more of an all round good'un, which makes it perfect for this spring

What are your favourite nail polishes going to be for this spring??


Friday, 12 April 2013

My Pink Suede Lips!

Most of you hopefully would have seen my love for these products. I first picked them up back in December when I was in the US of A roaming around Target. I picked up 'Iconic' and 'Flashing Lights' which have featured a few posts. I've been wanting to do a post on them for so long but wanted to wait till they were out here in the UK.

Soo…without further ado onto the products themselves…


These beauts are from the Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipsticks. It's supposed to combine moisture with staying power according to their website.




I love them, they are better than the lip butters simply because of their staying power. They really do apply with a suede texture, it's really hard to describe, it's a unique feeling when on the lips, I don't know any other brand to do a similar texture. They're a buildable formula, which is perfect for different looks.

Back to the colorstay aspect; the really do last all day, I apply it in the morning and it's there at the end of the day after eating/talking. The only time I've noticed that it's not there is when I have bitten my lips - naughty me.

'Iconic' is my absolute favourite colour that I have. It's a 'my-lips-but-better' colour! The only thing that that I have an issue with is the amount of glitter or I should say the size of the glitter in both 'Iconic' and 'Flashing Lights'.

'Couture' is a lovely red with pink shimmer in it, but unlike the other two it doesn't have large chunks, it's more refined.

Downsides; I don't think that they're particularly moisturising. On first application they are smooth which gives this feeling of hydration but then you find that the initial smooth feeling wears off and you're left with this slightly 'sticky' feeling. It's not a horrid feeling because you only feel it when you push your lips together, but it's not something that you should feel when it's supposed to be 'moisturising'.

The price; this is something that I hate looking at when it comes to the american brands, their price points are so different for dollars/pounds. Why do we have to pay more here in the UK?!

Shades; I love the colour range both here and America. I don't know if they change the shade names when they bring them over or they are completely different but it's confusing.


I can't hate on these, Iconic is the lip product I grab when I'm in a rush and don't know what to wear on my lips. I even recommended them to a friend after all and to my delight she loved it.

If you're looking for a staying powered sheer-ish lipstick then I would recommend that you get one of these. If you're still not sold, I would still recommend going to the store and having a look at the colour range and give it a good test.

Have any of you seen these? Or tried them?


Monday, 8 April 2013

Spring Flush!

Some of you may know, and if you don't now you do, that I'm a complete blush-aholic! Popping that pinky pigment on my cheeks just makes me happy. So with the sudden change in weather (and lets hope it lasts) I thought I would share with you some cheek-y (see what I did there) spring blushes that I know I will be grabbing this season.

So...Let's start with the more readily available blushes. I tend to go for more of a brighter cheek during the warmer months. I'll mention Sleek's blush in 'Life's a peach' which is one of my all time favourites and I think would suit any skin tone. It's a perfect apricot/peach colour and instantly brightens up the face.

Topshop's cream blushes are excellent for the warmer season because of their cream to powder finish. I find the best way to apply these is with a stippling brush, namely the real techniques one, it's amazing. Just use a patting motion, I find that this works best for most cream blushes, especially if you have used concealed blemishes on your cheeks, which I do.

Moving on to the 'higher end' brands, I'll start with my most recent purchase, which is Tarte's'Natural Blush'. It's the most perfect pink, the pigmentation is obviously incredible you literally need a the tiniest amount.

Another cream blush that I love when I haven't got a lot of makeup on is Illamasqua's blush in 'Dixie', it gives this lovely dewy flush. I suppose the only thing I would say about this one is that if you have super oily skin then I would stay away from this formulation, I can imagine that it would slip and slide on that type of skin.

All of these blushes have a good colour pay off and I personally think that they will be perfect during the warmer seasons. It's funny how the sun can influence little decisions like what you put on your cheek.

What would you recommend as your favourite blush for the Spring/Summer?


Thursday, 4 April 2013

Haul Time!

Why do I do this to my bank account? As if I need more beauty products! I suppose there is nothing like a little bit of retail therapy… like a girl needs an excuse to splurge once in a while.

Anyway, here are the products that I picked up in both superdrug and boots…

… Starting with the nail polishes, I had to try the Barry M Gelly Paints, there is so much hype around them and I wanted to see if they were worth the love. They are! I got them in 'Blackberry', which is the dark blue one. 'Watermelon', which is the green one and 'Blueberry', which is the pale lilac/bluy colour. The other polish is from the Revlon Colorstay range in 'Pale Cashmere', I had to get another polish from this line because it's such an amazing formula.

Next, the lip products, I bought another Revlon Suede after my love from the ones I got in America. This one is in 'Couture'.

And to get ready for the summer I got the Maybelline Color Sensation in 'Pink Punch'.

I can never help myself when it comes to Sleek, I got the Concealer Palette in 05. I just wanted to give it a go, I love their colour products but I haven't tired any of their skin products.

The blushes I got were from Superdrug; I got another Sleek Blush to add to my collection in 'Pomegranate' and a MUA cream blush in'Yummy'.

Lastly are my skin care products which were a must buy because I have run out of moisturiser and I also wanted to get a calming night cream. So I decided to get the Vichy Normaderm 'Hydrating Care' and I got the Aloe Soothing Night Cream from the Body Shop (which I got along with *these products*.

That's all for the haul. I know I'm going to get a lot of use out of all these products. There's nothing like using new makeup!

Have any of you tired any of these products? What are your thoughts?


Monday, 1 April 2013

March Favourites!

It's that time of the month again, no ladies not mother nature calling, favourites time…so lets get to it.


Skin care:

So this months skin care favourite is this recent purchase. I was smooching around in boots and I noticed a skin brand that I hadn't heard of before. I was looking at their range and decided to try this Sk:n Pore Refining Lotion. It's concentrated in Glycolic Acid which helps refine pores and I've noticed a vast difference in the visibility of my pores.

Next is a not so recent purchase but something that I tried because of my fellow bloggers on a #bbloggers chat recommended it to me when I was asking about exfoliators, it's the St Ives apricot scrub for oily skin. I am so happy that I tried it. It just makes my skin so smooth and makes the application of foundation so much nicer.

Make up time:

I have absolutely been loving the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in "Natural Beauty", it's been the perfect thing in this still cold weather to pop onto the apples of my cheeks and it works really well when I wear red lipsticks.

This isn't a make up item but I've fallen back in love with my DKNY Golden Delicious perfume. I'm not too fond of the other perfumes in this range, but this one I just love. I don't know why I stopped using it but I've pulled it back out this month and been spritzing away.



Now if you haven't heard of this show you need to watch it, Girls, it's about a bunch of four girls in their early 20's trying to find themselves. I think we can all relate, it's a tad raunchy and explicit but it's quite a real show. The writer/creator/director Lena Dunham is amazing in it, as are all the other actresses and actors.


I have fallen in love with 9 Bars, their bars full of different seeds and honey…just yummy! Such a good alternative if you find yourself grabbing chocolates or biscuits for snacks.

Well, that's it for this month, I hope that all of you are doing well! I'm so looking forward to the lighter evenings and for the summer music to fill the air! And you know...the SUN, if it actually wants to warm the UK rather than just tease us!


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