Friday, 12 April 2013

My Pink Suede Lips!

Most of you hopefully would have seen my love for these products. I first picked them up back in December when I was in the US of A roaming around Target. I picked up 'Iconic' and 'Flashing Lights' which have featured a few posts. I've been wanting to do a post on them for so long but wanted to wait till they were out here in the UK.

Soo…without further ado onto the products themselves…


These beauts are from the Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipsticks. It's supposed to combine moisture with staying power according to their website.




I love them, they are better than the lip butters simply because of their staying power. They really do apply with a suede texture, it's really hard to describe, it's a unique feeling when on the lips, I don't know any other brand to do a similar texture. They're a buildable formula, which is perfect for different looks.

Back to the colorstay aspect; the really do last all day, I apply it in the morning and it's there at the end of the day after eating/talking. The only time I've noticed that it's not there is when I have bitten my lips - naughty me.

'Iconic' is my absolute favourite colour that I have. It's a 'my-lips-but-better' colour! The only thing that that I have an issue with is the amount of glitter or I should say the size of the glitter in both 'Iconic' and 'Flashing Lights'.

'Couture' is a lovely red with pink shimmer in it, but unlike the other two it doesn't have large chunks, it's more refined.

Downsides; I don't think that they're particularly moisturising. On first application they are smooth which gives this feeling of hydration but then you find that the initial smooth feeling wears off and you're left with this slightly 'sticky' feeling. It's not a horrid feeling because you only feel it when you push your lips together, but it's not something that you should feel when it's supposed to be 'moisturising'.

The price; this is something that I hate looking at when it comes to the american brands, their price points are so different for dollars/pounds. Why do we have to pay more here in the UK?!

Shades; I love the colour range both here and America. I don't know if they change the shade names when they bring them over or they are completely different but it's confusing.


I can't hate on these, Iconic is the lip product I grab when I'm in a rush and don't know what to wear on my lips. I even recommended them to a friend after all and to my delight she loved it.

If you're looking for a staying powered sheer-ish lipstick then I would recommend that you get one of these. If you're still not sold, I would still recommend going to the store and having a look at the colour range and give it a good test.

Have any of you seen these? Or tried them?



  1. i love the look of iconic! beautiful colour! x

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  3. Couture looks like a gorgeous shade! I really want to try these x

    1. I think it's going to be a favourite for spring, easy way to pull of a light weight red =) xo

  4. These all look so lovely on you!I really want to try one of these xxx

    1. Thanks Rachel! Just go and swatch them lol! xo


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