Friday, 8 March 2013

Purple Peek-a-Boo!

I'm sorry about the awful hair!

I haven't done a makeup post in a while and thought I would share what I wore out the other evening with you. It's a simple golden brown eye with a hint of colour using a purple liner.

So, let's get into it…


My base consisted of my new NARS Sheer Glow. I tried to cover up my blemishes using my trusty MAC Studio Finish Concealer. I don't know why but my skin hasn't been looking that great =( but it's getting better. I used my Bare Minerals Mineral Veil to set everything. I did this after the eye makeup.

I used Sleeks blush in 'Coral' to add a touch of colour to my cheeks, you can contour if you like, but I chose not to.


First I started by priming my eyes with Urban Decays Primer Potion.

Using a flat eyeshadow brush I packed on MACs 'Romp' to give me a good base to work with.

Next using the other side of the same brush pack on MACs 'Amberlights' eyeshadow and place in the inner corner and blend into the Romp.

Using the same brush pick up a mix of MACs 'Embark' and 'Antiqued' and place on the outer third of the eye and blend using a blending brush.

With what's left on the brush, gently blend into the crease, all the way in. Also, drag the excess underneath the eye.

Keep going with the packing on colour and blending until you are happy with the intensity

Now for the pop of colour, using Maybellines EyeStudio Gel Liner in 'Eggplant Aubergine'(it can be pencil or gel, whatever you have) draw a thin line all along the upper lash line

Build the colour on the outer edge and using a pencil brush blend to create a haze. Again, keep adding till you get the desired intensity.

Apply Mascara and you're done, I used the L'oreal Voluminous Extra-Volume Collagen.


I just used my MAC lippy in 'mocha', I choose this because I didn't want a pinky lip to distract from the purple in the eye.

And there you have it, using a different coloured liner is a nice way to change out a normal everyday eyeshadow look. You could even do this using matte colours, if you're not into shimmery colours on the lid.

Hope you enjoyed.



  1. You look lovely, I especially love the eye make up x

  2. I really like these shadows, especially amber light and romp. I am going to definitely try this look out. It looks so fancy, yet not smokey.

    1. Romp is a definite go to for a quick smokey eye, I find it has a duo chrome effect =) xo

    2. Hey... I have tagged you in my first ever tag post - Confessions of a Blogger -

      I hope you'll participate. I am new follower of your blog and would enjoy learning something about a fellow beauty blogger. =)

    3. Aw thank you so much, I will definitely do the tag, thanks so much for the support. =) xo

  3. So pretty! Love the eye makeup. Your eyebrows are really nice too!
    Hareem x

  4. Stunning classic look. I love Amber Lights!

  5. Your eyebrows are incredible! And this is such a pretty yet subtle-enough look.
    My Beauty Junction

  6. SO PRETTY! and so is the make up :) xxx

    1. Aww Rachel, you make me blush lol! Thanks lovely! xo


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