Thursday, 28 March 2013

Deer Body Shop!

So yesterday I was lucky enough to go and meet Leona Lewis at Body Shop in Westfield. It was all a bit rushed and we (my friend and I) were the last people to see her, but she was launching her new collection which is promoting cruelty free beauty products around the world.

The Body Shop has been an advocate of cruelty free beauty products since 1993 and after 20 years the EU has finally put a ban on animal testing on beauty products. But the Body Shop want to go a step further and stop it all across the world. That's their latest campaign and a good one at that. If the EU can do it, even if it does prove slightly difficult for certain companies, then the world and follow. Here's a *link* to their web page where you can make your pledge to support cruelty free internationally.

The range includes two shimmer palettes, three lip glosses, a blusher brush and a fragrance. It's a cute collection, as a brush-a-holic I had to get the blusher brush, it is super super soft! And shape is different too, from the top it looks like a flower. I also got one of the shimmer palettes in the shade "Oh Deer! Bronze", it's super shimmery, I think it'll be perfect for WHEN the weather picks up a tad. Here's a *link* to her collection.

Have any of you looked at or tried the new collection? What do you think of the campaign?



  1. The brush is lovely! And I love the deer in the bronzer :) xx

    1. I don't want to use it because I don't want to ruin the clean-ness of the deer lol! xo

  2. That collection looks lovely, the brush looks so intriguing. You're so lucky to have met Leona!

    1. It's actually quite good at applying blusher! Lol! It was a surreal experience =) xo


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