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Tag: Confessions Of a Beauty Blogger!

So this is a bit of a quick post I think, I was tagged by the lovely Meesha from Strawberry Hearts Chocolate Darts. Just a little thank you to her for personally tagging me =)

Let's get to it…

Q: When did you start blogging?

My first blog post was on the 3rd Feburary, 2012.

Q: Have you had an online presence before?

No, other than my social networking pages, this is the only place I have on the www.

Q: Why did you start blogging?

It was just a spur of the moment decision, I wanted to share my little tips and share my opinion on things after watching YouTube videos and reading other blogs and thinking 'Oh..I have a tip for their problem or this product would be good..' I was still very scared when I actually chose my name etc. because it's a big thing, putting your opinions out there, whether they are about beauty or anything. But I eventually clicked that publish button and there was no going back.

Q: When did you become serious about blogging?

I don't think I am serious about blogging, I mean what I say on here is serious but I don't do it as regularly as some. This is just a hobby, an easy place to share my thoughts on all things beauty with additions about my life and other things I enjoy. It's a bit like having an online diary, I can go back, look at posts and remember that part of my life.

Q: What was your first post?

My first post was a mini introduction, but my first 'proper' post was about my MAC Studio Finish Foundation. I just remember hearing lots of people bash that foundation because they didn't know how to apply it, so I wanted to share how I applied it, which was by buffing it in.

Q: What has been your biggest challenge about blogging?

Personally, it's taking pictures, I don't have a fancy camera, so when I started to blog I found that taking the pictures the way I wanted was such an issue. Now I have learnt to work with the strengths of my camera and angling. But, with my obsession with 'perfection' I find that if the pictures aren't right it puts me off writing the post. Which then causes me to not post for a week or something. I get annoyed at myself when I see I haven't posted for a while especially when I have things I want to get out there.

Q: Where do you see your blog in a year?

Hopefully in a years time I will have a better camera, so that I can take better pictures and that maybe I would have changed my layout again, not because I don't like this one just it's nice to switch it out once in a while.

Q: Whats the most rewarding thing to you about blogging?

The community is something that I just wasn't expecting, they were/are so welcoming. The communication between fellow bloggers and finding out about products before the masses, I love that. I love reading comments to my posts and replying, it's that interaction that I think is so key. When I see people not replying to comments I just think why bother. I get that they read them but it's nice to start some kind of dialogue with people who have taken the time out to comment on something you have written.

Q: Whats the most discouraging thing that happens to you?

I don't think there is something that personally has discouraged me per say, this is my space and I don't think anyone could discourage me. But, I suppose part of it goes back to what I was saying above, about how I don't understand some bloggers not replying to peoples comments. I understand that they don't get notified but they may come back to see if you have replied.

Q: What is your lasting inspiration/motivation?

Ah this is the question…I have to say my friends who know about my blog and actually read it. That's such a huge motivation, when they message me and say that they have read my posts, and that I've tempted them to buy something. I love that they have taken time out to support this hobby of mine. Also, the regular readers/commenters, I really feel like I actually have a friendship with them, is that creepy? lol.

I'm going to tag whoever reads this! Please leave a link to your posts if you have done one already, I'd love to read it!



  1. These are lovely answers :) I feel the same about regular commenters! xxx


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