Monday, 1 October 2012

September Favourites!

I was really debating on whether to a favourites this month, I haven't really experimented too much this month, but I have been enjoying a few products which I haven't spoken about so this is the perfect opportunity to introduce them.


Skin care:

This is my new moisturiser, the Clarins Daily Energizer lotion. It's £20 for 30ml. If you have read any of my pervious posts you will know that I have oily skin and was using the La Roche Posay Effaclar K. As much as I do love that product and would recommend it to anyone who has spotty skin, I thought it was time that i experimented with something different.

I have to admit I did something which I haven't done in years and bought this product without any knowledge of it. I looked at the details on it, a good moisturiser for oily skin. It doesn't contain any oils and has turmeric in it. How different! I was completely intrigued, so I thought I would give it a go. I do not regret it at all. I have not had any adverse reaction and my skin is lovely and soft. Along with my Estee Lauder night repair my skin has definitely improved in terms of pigmentation problems. I will definitely be posting a proper review on it, but I'll try it for a bit longer before I do.

Make up:

My only makeup item this month is going to be this M&S Autograph blush in Coral. I do love my Coral blushes, they just bring a soft freshness to your face. This month has been a month of 'good skin and that's all' makeup. So blush has been important that 'look'. It's got good colour pay off and is a true coral colour. And it's £6, quite reasonable for a good blush I think.

On to my first polish favourite. Essie's 'not just a pretty face', is a gorgeous nude colour! I have been looking for a good nude colour for a while and I've always read and heard good things about Essie's nude colour range but never really wanted to fork out £8 for a polish, but the fact that every time I went into Boots and there was an Essie stand I would 'um and ah' over the polishes clearly shows that I needed to give in. I haven't heard a lot about this polish but I love it for my skin tone, it is just right and it's clean. The brush of these polishes are amazing, just need one stroke and your coat for the whole nail is done. For this polish you need about three coats, but the individual coats dry quite fast. A definite thumbs up!



Suits; This show is amazing, just; suave, smart and brilliant. The main characters, Mike Ross and Harvey Spector make such a good duo! I'm not going to say anymore, just that you need to have this in your life! Lol!


Now this album is a must listen! Delilah - From the roots up! I can only describe this album as easy listening, deep and melodic! I absolutely love her voice! Easgasam is what I would describe her voice as! Now if that isn't a recommendation I don't know what is!

That's it for my September Favourites. Sorry there isn't a book in this months favourites but I haven't had a moment to really read anything and need some good recommendations, so if you have any good reads to recommend then please do!! =)



  1. I'm in love with that gorgeous coral blusher my M&S! I haven't checked our their makeup range but this has really intrigued me and that colour is gorgeous!

    1. It's really well pigmented and soft! I really want to try one of their lipsticks, just need to find a good colour. x


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