Monday, 10 September 2012

Instagramming #2!

So here is another instagram post. I feel a little guilty doing a post like this because it’s not exactly interesting, but it kind of sums up what I have been up to since my last instagram post.

R1-My Yankee Candle in Midsummers night|Gloomy Day in LDN|Drying my many brushes|Teaching my Parents how to play chess, wasn’t successful|
R2-A bracelet Ling (the bigger picture) MADE me!|There was a Wahaca Burrito there|Reminiscing about being in Las Vegas|The Olympic Torch|
R3-My Wicked Ticket|The Set in the theatre|Big Ben coming home from a night out|What I wore to a BBQ|
R4-A poster in Brick Lane|More Art from Brick Lane|Coffee in my Friends Mug|Champagne at Vertigo 42|
R5-Finally tried Macaroons|My First Professional Manicure|Make up done by my besties, my eyes being closed|Choosing what Sari to wear for Nayna’s engagement|

Finally went to see Wicked the musical and it is an absolutely must see! If you haven’t already, GO! I urge you!!

The Olympics came to an end yesterday, but I got to see the torch when it was going through my area. LOVE LONDON AND LOVE GB! Those Olympians and Para Olympians have made us ALL proud I feel!

For the August bank holiday I went away with my besties for Aasha’s birthday celebrations, 4 days of being together, was amazing and full of funny moments, especially playing Articulate after a few glasses of wine!

I should really show you all what my calendar has been like for the past 2 months, packed just isn’t the word, but I love being busy. Now everything has slowed down slightly but I know at the end of this month it will pick up again with the engagement celebration for Nayna, I just hope that I don’t neglect blogging.


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