Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Crème de la Cream Blush!

Hey all! Sorry about the lack of posts! Thought I would talk about one of my favourite products at the moment; Bobbi Brown’s pot rouge for lips and cheeks. I know that this isn’t a new product but its new(-ish) to me.

Sorry about the bad lighting, my camera wasn't feeling well

I probably got my first one back in September. I had done quite a bit of debating on whether or not to get it. Reason being the blemishes I have on my cheeks, I figured if I applied a cream over them the foundation would just rub off (exposing scaring). But I thought it would bite the bullet and get one to try. I was obviously right to try it because now I have two.

The reason for the love at the moment is because it provides a nice sheen/glow on the skin and when the weather is dull you look so awake/fresh. I personally think it’s like a very natural ‘glow from within’ (sorry for sounding cliché!).

It’s a really creamy texture and super easy to blend. I would probably stay away from it if you have really oily cheeks because I don’t think it would last on that skin type. It has really good pigmentation and is nice and buildable. They come in a range of colours. As for pigmentation peaking through on application; it does a little, but I find using a brush is better than fingers (and you can touch up concealing afterward).

Now, this product says it is good for lips, to be honest I haven’t used it on my lips, I feel like it would be a funny texture for the lips but I can’t judge that claim.

It comes in at £18.00 which isn’t cheap! But I got ‘cabo coral’ at the airport and ‘powder pink’ when there was a discount/sale thing going on in Debenhams. So if you are contemplating it, keep your eyes pealed for sales.

Have you got any of the pot rouges? What do you think? =) x


  1. Great post! I'm particularly intrigued with Cabo coral. Looks gorgeous! I'ma sucker for coral colours :)
    Ayesha xx

    1. It is a gorgeous colour! I was with my friends when I purchased it and I was deciding between two colours and they all said Cabo Coral...defo worth a look see! =) x


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