Sunday, 5 February 2012

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation!

My foundation in NC42 (excuse my large looking hand)

As the title suggests I am going to talk about my very first proper foundation, the MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. Now I think I should start by saying that this was my first foundation which was properly colour matched to me. I have used MACs powders before but after a horrific acne break out I had years ago I have been left by awful acne scaring.

Whenever I used to look at foundations in the chemists I used to struggle to find my best match (being Indian and all). I used to find the foundations were too pink toned and would make me look ashy. MAC was my obvious choice for a better colour selection.

Now on to the actual foundation (rather long back story); it is full coverage, which I know isn’t to everyone’s taste but for me it is definitely what I need. The smell is much to be desired, let’s be honest, but I can live with it.

When I first bought it I had a basic foundation brush, which done the job fine, but it felt thick on my skin, not nice. But I have learnt a trick, which I want to share…BUFF IT IN! It doesn’t feel anywhere near as thick when applied with a dense synthetic brush. By buffing this foundation in it feels sheer but the coverage is still full, brilliant if you have scarring like me. It sets rather fast, so I would suggest putting it on the back of your hand and dipping the brush in. I know I’m not a make up artist (not by any means) but I thought I would share this in case anyone out there is having problems with this foundation after purchasing it.

I hope that was remotely interesting! Thanks for reading!! =) x


  1. Great review.

    I like full coverage sometimes, and sometimes I prefer more natural look :)

    Hope you can visit my blog dear xxx

  2. Why thank you =) I sure will! =) x

  3. Hello! What a cute little blog you've started!
    I have huge problems with MAC. My dad is Indian and therefore I have a strange pale yellow-green skintone with freckles and hyperpigmentation in certain areas. The MAC make up artists here in the UK have terrible trouble matching me. I can be matched to anything from NC25-NC40 in the same day. But when I visited India, I was matched to NC25 in SFF by a Chinese man and he advised me to used MSFN in medium dark like a bronzer in the darker zones of my face. It was the first time someone understood my skin! So happy! :-) So that's my little story on SFF and India :)

    1. I also have trouble with MAC foundations! I am unsure if I'm an NC40 because I have their studio finish concealer in NC35 and it's slightly too dark on me skin. But I think a NC30-ish foundation would be too light on my skin, from my swatches.
      At the moment I'm using MAC face + body in C5. Although this is currently a shade too dark on my skin, It's so sheer that it isn't too noticeable and plus, I'm quite pale at the moment so it'll be fine in the summer :)

  4. BTW, are you in the UK? if so, where do you buy your MAC and do you think the make up artists are good at matching your skin? If you look on my last monday's illamasqua post, you will see my troubles! :(

    1. Thank you!! =)

      Aw thats so horrible! Its such a waste of money when they do that too! I have had problems with them matching me too. The first time I bought MAC was to buy their Select Pressed Powder and she matched me to an NC45 which was too orange for me, it was good for areas like around my mouth which are slightly darker than the rest of my face but I was not impressed. I took it upon myself to choose which colour I was in MAC because I have a very Yellow undertone. I'm glad someone understood your skin in the end, even if you did have to go to India to find out lol!

      Yes I am in the UK, I go to a counter in House of Fraser. But with skin products I just test and test before I buy. I don't speak to the artist unless I need them to get me something, which I know sounds silly, but I feel like they just want to sell you a product and that's it! I'll take a look at your post now! x

  5. Let me join the band in saying that I too have a trouble in many things with MAC foundation... shade, consistency and all. Thats a good tip Rohini to buff it in ... will try next time...

    1. Thanks love! Yh if you have some sort of dense brush use it with them, might sheer it out! =) x


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