Thursday, 1 November 2012

Super Shock!

I've mentioned this product in a few posts and thought it was obviously about time that I shared how much I genuinely love this product. It's the Avon super shock gel liner. I don't really use this product on the lid but more for my waterline, I don't find I work well with pencils to put eyeliner on.

If you are YouTube obsessed (like me) then you would have heard the amazingly talented Pixiwoo sisters talking about how much they love this product to tight line with. I was a bit skeptical about getting this product because I had never ordered anything from Avon before. So last year I was talking to a friend and she mentioned she had started selling Avon (as a representative). I knew then I would make an order with her, with the Gel Liner top of my list.

But alas, the product was out of stock. I still wanted it, the yearning never went away, so on my birthday day (last year) my friend (the avon rep) gifted it to me (along with other goodies), how lucky was I?! =D I was so excited to use this.

It's a very soft, gel like (obviously) formula. I have very sensitive eyes when it comes to putting liners on my waterline. The MAC smoulder liner, which is lovely, stings my eyes when I use it on my waterline. The Avon one does not, I can't say it will suit everyone with sensitive eyes but for me, I find gel liners don't irritate my eyes.

On the skin it does not budge! The swatch above did not rub off like most other kohl liners. On the waterline it lasts for 5-6 hours. I find that most liners (if not all) don't last that long on my waterline, especially on the outer and inner corners. I tight line with the liner just in the middle avoiding the areas where it comes off and it really lasts.

It's very black! They come in a few colours but if you just want a good black that is like MACs Smoulder then I would definitely give this a try.

£6 (original price; but it is often reduced to half price!)

Bad points:
There is only one thing that I can think of and it's not really to do with the liner. The avon online store only shows what products they have in stock (that's what it looks like to me), therefore when you know they sell a product but they don't have it on their website its a little disconcerting because you assume that it's not coming back. To write this post I went to find the product on the website and I only found that product in a 'cobalt' colour! I don't know if they are still selling this product or not.

If you can get a hold of this product I would definitely give it a go. Espically if you are trying to find a good liner that doesn't smudge.

Have any of you tried it?



  1. I am going to book in a eye make-up masterclass with you!

    1. I'm ready when you are! ;-) That would be so fun! =) xo

  2. Ooh this looks good! I want something that will stay on my waterline and not just come off five minutes later :) x

    1. Give it a go if you can get hold of it! It works for me, hopefully it would work for you too! =) xo

  3. I've got this, love using it :) x x

  4. I think this liner is one of the creamiest most pigmented black liners ever. However, despite never having used a liner that stings me,this one does. It makes my eyes water so much and I just don't get why. Such a shame because it easily rivals my UD perversion x

    1. Oh noo! That's such a shame! It's still good for on the lid though. xo


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