Monday, 19 November 2012


It's official, I'm quarter century, contrary to what that 21st birthday card says…definitely don't feel it! Only hits me when I say it out loud. This post should have really got published over the weekend, but I have just wanted to chill out on my birthday weekend after a very fun night out on Friday.

I really wanted to share a proper picture of what I had worn on the night out, but that was a complete fail! My friends came down to my house and we headed out from here, but in true fashion we were running slightly late.

I wore this dress from Boohoo. It's got a lace centre which shows off a bit of skin. I bought a size 10 and the fit was perfect and it was £20, I know I will definitely wear this dress again. I wore my M&S black bow platform shoes. For jewellery I wore my new (birthday present, below) Jade stone ring from Accessorize, my peace ring from Boots and another ring that I can't remember where I got it from. My earrings were from Topshop in their sale last year.

For makeup I done a gold 'smokey' eye with red lips, using my trusty MAC viva glam I. I was going to leave the makeup at the eyes, but something was just missing. When I put the lip on it looked complete. On my nails I wore my Inglot polish in 955 with a Revlon glitter (340 Stunning) as a topcoat.

My friend and I were celebrating our 25th's together, his birthday is a week after mine, and we decided to go to a club called Guanabara in Covent Garden, it was such a brilliant night! I literally danced the night away, from 11.30pm - 3.00am with a 15 minute break! I'm going to say that this was my best birthday celebration, ever! It was such a good turn out, so a massive THANK YOU to those who came!

I've tried to use the best picture from the night but unfortunately my camera decided to die (even though it was fully charged!) so I've only got 28 photos in total, most of which are not flattering in the slightest. Below are a few gifts I received from my friends.

Hope you all had a good weekend! =)



  1. HAPPYY BIRTHDAYY!!! You look so pretty! Glad to hear you had an amazing night! xxxx

  2. Happy birthday! You have some lovely gifts! and you look beautiful (also, you don't look 25 at all!) xx

    1. Thanks Rachel! =D The hot chocolate from Hotel Chocolat was amazing!! Haha...Thanks, I certainly don't feel it! =) xo

  3. Happy birthday sweetie! You look lovely in red
    S xx

  4. Happy belated birthday ! hope you had a fab time! you looked lovely :D xxx


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