Monday, 25 June 2012

Laughter and Friends...a Good Weekend!

This weekend has to have been one of the most amazing, laughter filled weekends I have had in a long time. After a stupidly long time I finally got to see all my lovely friends in a row! How lucky! Most of them having been slugging hard doing their exams for their professional exams to become accountants. So here is a massive Good Luck! I’m sure they have all done well because they are all nerds (plus they have been working hard)! Lol!

Bineeta/Binkz! This wasn't taken on the Thursday but it's a nice pic! ^_^

On Thursday I met up with the one and only Bineeta, I’ve known her since my first week at university…6 years ago! Yikes…That makes me feel old! She had her exam the day before and now she is finally free to let her hair down! We went to Oxford Street for a bit of shopping and then had dinner at Ping Pong. Has anyone heard of it? I hadn’t before that day. It’s a cute little restaurant which specialises in dim sum! It was gorgeous! Sorry no pictures of that…fail!

Aasha & Bineeta
Nayna & I
The much needed wine! ^_^
Nayna's lemonade

Friday was another day with Bineeta but also with my girls! These are the lovely ladies I had the pleasure to live with during one of my years at university and we have been BFF’s since then! I think we were lucky to get along so well because I have heard horror stories of flat mates not getting along, but we were instantly like a family and it hasn’t changed, even though we don’t see each other as often as we should. We just went to Pizza Express and shared a bottle of wine. Much deserved after a hard week! Lol!

Ling & Ray...Lovely couple!
Bineeta & Maral
Mehreen & I
The 5 Girlies!
Ling & Ray's His and Her's watches! How cute!!! ^_^

Saturday was the much delayed meet up with my Uni course mates (also known them for 6 years!) for Ling’s birthday (which was the 1st of June). HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY LINGO! Ling also had exams along with her bf! We went to Busaba Eathai…I had a pad Thai…although again no picture because by the time I realised I should have taken a picture I had wolfed down half of it…fail! These guys are the best…at one point I couldn’t stop laughing, even after the joke had finished…(forever alone…private joke!)

I did a spot of shopping which I will probably show in a separate post. I’m going to try and be a bit more regular with posting…got a list and everything. Lol! Hope you all had a brilliant weekend! =) x


  1. Aw, so jealous that you got on with your flatmates! I couldn't at all :(
    Cute pictures :) xx

    1. Aww it must have been horrible living with people you don't along with! I was soo lucky! x

  2. Thank you Ro!!!!! This post is so sweet! great photos! Had a really good weekend with you and the girls!! Definitely have to do again sometime!

    1. Awww it's ok Ling!! Aw thanks! I had a good weekend too! Defo soon! =) x

    2. Cute couple, Ling! Lovely watches :)

    3. Hehe aww thanks Ayesha! Haha my bf looks bit sleepy in that pic tho lol :P I alredy got a little scratch on my watch lol im so clumsy!

  3. It looks like you had such a nice time! I love dim sum but I've never heard of that restaurant before, so I'll deffo check it out!
    I also had a flatmate from hell in my first year of uni who would play these mind games on me, and make me feel excluded from the rest of my flatmates. Luckily I managed to escape from her in my second year haha!! I made a best friend who also went through the same experience as me, so at least there was a positive outcome in the end. :)

    1. Ahh you must try it!

      Ohh wow...that's so horrible! Why are people like that?! I really count my blessings...I met the most amazing people in Uni inc my house mates. Yh silver lining and all that, glad you got away from them! =) x


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