Friday, 29 June 2012

Hair Cut!

After a brilliant weekend, I got to spend another day with Bineeta yesterday. We had a such a girly day. We started off the day getting our hair cut. We went to Rush in Kingston.

I can't believe that I waited so long to get my hair cut. The lady that did my hair was so lovely, although slightly pushy when it came to selling me products. I'm a little ashamed to say that I bought a shampoo. I'm usually quite good when it comes to not falling for their sales pitch, but she was so insistent and I need a new shampoo anyway because I'm running out lol! (It's true I promise) I'm so glad she didn't ask me when the last time I got my hair cut was! That would have been awkward!

Binkz and Moi!
Water Feature in Ktwn Market
Famous Telephone Boxes in Kingston

This is the before and after. I asked to keep the length and just get lots of layers put in. Which she done amazingly but it looks a lot shorter because my hair is gone.

After the hair cut we went to "look" around the shops. I exchanged a dress I bought on Saturday for a top. (I'll do a separate "what I bought post")

We went for a much needed Girly lunch, with a good old bottle of wine! I promise I don't drink this much on a normal basis. We sat in slug and lettuce for a good 4 hours eating and talking! I love those kinds of talks! Just long and full of meaningful nonsense! Lol!

Sorry for the picture heavy post! Especially considering it’s mostly of food! What do you guys think of my hair cut?? Too short? =) x


  1. OMG LOVEEE THE HAIR!!! details of this person plsss and where xx

    1. Aww thanks!!! =) I went to the Rush in Kingston. I love that place! I got it done by a lady called Danielle. =) It's quite expensive there though. I think that's why I rarely get my hair cut. It's worth it when u want a big change. X

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous Ro!!!! It really suits you! You look So Pretty!

    1. Aw thank you Ling!! =) so much weight has gone now! Lol! Feels good! X

  3. OMG I LIVE THERE!! haha gota love good old k-town! I've had my hair cut at rush before but looked nowhere near as good as yours!!! you look like a bollywood star!


    1. =D I went to Uni there! What a small world! You're a south Londoner too! Woo! Aw I've gotten my hair cut there a few times and always loved it. Just a bit too pricey for regular cuts! lol! Thank you Bhavi!! You're too kind!!! =D x


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