Friday, 18 May 2012

Origins Eye!

As a woman in her mid twenties (ahh scary) I have really started to think about the changes my skin will be going through. So far I haven’t really concentrated on my facial skin but I think on my 25th birthday I will treat myself to some anti-aging moisturiser. I have, however, started to think about my under eye area. I personally think that the skin around your eye really tells your age compared to any other part of your face.

So, about 6 months ago, after hearing good things about Origins products, especially their mega mushroom eye cream I thought I would go to the counter and see what was suited for me. Fortunately I don’t suffer with really dark circles (a little not a lot) or puffiness. What I’m scared of, as I explained to the woman at the counter, is sagginess and fine lines. I know it sounds premature to think about such things occurring but prevention is really the best thing. So, after saying that, she recommended the 'Perfect World for Eyes firming moisture treatment with white tea.

Looking back I wish I hadn’t made an impulse buy, which lets face it this was. I should have done a bit of research.

The packaging states that it’s got Vitamin A with firms and tones. It also has properties to reduce dark circles, while the White Birch Extract helps lessen the appearance of new creases.

Good Points

  • The texture is gel like.
  • It’s really easy to pat in to your orbital bone (the bone around your eye).
  • You only need the minimal amount of product.
  • The smell is nice.
  • I think my skin does absorb it really well and my under eye area does feel hydrated after putting this on. But I cant say anything good about the actual claims.

Bad Points

  • I remember putting it on the first time and feeling a ‘firming’ sensation, but now I just think that was in my head. I used it regularly but I just didn’t see a difference and that ‘sensation’ had disappeared.
  • I haven’t noticed any firming action.
  • I think it actually made me look more tired.
  • Another sore point with this particular product is the pump. If I were to push that pump all the way down I would have far too much product. So I have to tap it so I dispense the right amount.

I wouldn’t recommend this product, if I’m honest. Maybe the affects are more noticeable after using it for years or for women who actually have fine lines etc. I still use it because it was expensive and it’s not actually doing any harm. I’m not saying don’t have a look at origins products, because they have some really nice skin care products which I have tried. I would just suggest doing some research before going to buy an expensive eye cream.

Have you tired this product? What eye cream do you use? I would love to get some recommendations! =) x


  1. I have really really dark circles :'(

  2. Aww! It's so hard trying to find something to combat it! The bobbi brown corrector is amazing though, have you tired that?? x

    1. Yepp thats my everyday concealer but I wish I could find some magic cream which would make them lighten! I was thinking to get surgery on them when I grow up but I don't want to look like bruce and kris jenner!

    2. Aw I'm sure they aren't that bad! And I suppose use an eye cream now to prevent it from getting worse? You are still Gorgeous! =D LOL! Kris n Bruce Jenner as well! You make laugh! x


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