Friday, 4 May 2012

My Make up Journey!

I am sorry for the lack of posting, I have been weirdly busy this past week, I have been meaning to finish this post off for so long. I read the lovely Ruby’s *Post* on her makeup journey and it made me what to share my own. I hope it’s not too much of a snooze fest!

I don’t know about you guys but as a teenager I was so scared to wear makeup! Simply because I was embarrassed that it would be so obvious that someone would point it out, defeating the purpose of makeup. Even the first time I did my eye brows I was scared of what my friends and family were going to say, although to my surprise no one said anything bad.

My mum doesn’t wear makeup (she doesn’t need it, skin like a baby’s bottom I tell ya!). She had random lipsticks that she didn’t wear and some kohl but that’s it, no eyeshadow or mascara. But I used to ‘play’ with what was there, that’s when I fell in love.

Love of colour

The fear I had was enough to put me off till I was about 17. That’s when I really got into eye shadow. In college I would match my eye shadow to what I was wearing (I still do on some occasions) and mascara. I don’t know where my fear went if I’m honest. I think going to college you’re allowed to express yourself a lot more than when you’re in high school.

I wouldn’t touch my skin; I wasn’t interested in foundation, mainly because it was daunting trying to match a foundation to my skin, that and I couldn’t be bothered. And as for lipsticks, I thought every lip colour looked disgusting on me, so I stuck to clear lip gloss or Vaseline.

I loved experimenting with colour even if my array of products were limited. I remember when Barry M was introduced to my local Boot’s, oh how I swooned, but I never bought their dazzle dusts, I wouldn’t have known where to start. So I stuck to their eye liners. I bought a few bright eye shadows, a mascara and that was enough.

Complete face

When I had bad skin that’s when I invested in foundation. And then I finally got introduced to YouTube make up “gurus” by my university mates, it was from then I really got obsessed with make up, what they had I wanted. Obviously I couldn’t afford all of that but I must say that I have accumulated a lot through birthday’s and ‘investments’ (as I like to call them). I learnt different techniques and that there were different textures to products etc.

This moves me onto where I am now in my makeup journey. I now wear a full face of makeup, not all the time but most. I have now accepted that lip colours look nice on me, not all but most work. I wear blush and contour, all of it makes a difference to the ‘look’. I like putting it on, I get that it’s time consuming but I genuinely enjoy it. It’s my only way of being artistic, or at least that’s how I think of it.

Now I don’t restrict myself to wearing shadows that match the colour of my outfit but more what suits the occasion. Do I want to be bold? Or subtle? I suppose it goes with my mood as well. I have realised that makeup is a way of expressing yourself! If you want to wear bright pink shadow, do it! What’s stopping you? If you don’t like wearing makeup, good for you! Now I am slowly getting obsessed with skin care, because lets face it, if your skin isn’t nice then the make up isn’t going to make it look any better. I suppose I kind of worked backwards.

I reckon I will soon be worrying about how to put make up on wrinkly skin! =O Let’s hope that it’s not for a while! I would love to read your journey! So let me know if you have written one! =) x


  1. This is such an awesome and interesting post!
    I saw this post from Ruby too, I find posts like these awesome. I'm a little confused about my makeup journey, I still think I'm going through a beginning/middle stage!
    Hope you're having a great weekend :) xx

    1. Lol...I think we are always changing, esp with experience and aging =( lol! x

  2. I too have the same thought of being mocked when we wear makeup. Anyways just now started interest for cosmetics.I'm a new follower:)Check back mine too!

    1. That's brilliant! Don't be afraid of wearing it! =) Thanks! I will! x

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