Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Make up Storage!

I’m always interested in how people store their makeup, I don’t think im the only one. So I thought I would share how I store mine.

It’s all on display, nothing is out of reach. The reason I have it like this is, I know that if it were stored away in a draw; 1) I wouldn’t use half of it and 2) It would be a mess. I’m one of those people, that if it’s not easy to put away it will get left out.

Having said that I have these 4 draws (2 sets of 2 draws) from Muji, which I am sure you have all seen before. If I’m honest, I tried to look for alternatives but there aren’t any!

The top draw holds all my ‘drugstore’ blushes.

The second draw holds all my ‘high end’ blushes.

The third draw holds my individual eye shadows.

The last draw holds all my lip sticks.

At the top I sit my EOS lip balm, which is the most hydrating lip balm I have ever tried and some hand sanitiser. In this Lancome box I have all my eye liner pencils.

In between here are my Foundations and next to that I have tried to fit all the palettes I own into a box (which I believe is from Paperchase, it was given to me for one of my birthdays).

It holds my sleek palettes, A Christian Dior gift set (birthday gift), some estee lauder palettes, my MUA heaven and earth palette, some foundations that need to be stored upward facing and my MAC quad.

Next I have this cute three draw set from Homebase! I bought this when I didn’t have a lot of makeup.

The top draw contains my mascara’s, gel liners, paint pots and liquid shadows.

The second draw contains lip glosses and liners.

The bottom draw contains my concealers and setting powders.

On top of that sits my other larger palettes.

And here are my brushes in Ikea pencil holders, not in the nicest of holders but they are fine for now.

Have you done a storage post? I would love to see it, link them in the comments! =) x

*Just to say that I'm not showing off and I hope I haven't offended anyone with this post.*


  1. Love your storage girl. Ive been looking into Muji or something like the clear cube for a while now:)
    Sara xx

    1. Thank you! =) They are really good, but wish there were other companies in the UK that did things that were similar. x

  2. WOWEE your collection is hugely impressive, how I would love to raid your dressing table!

    1. LOL! It's taken a LONG time to get it like that! Aww...anytime love! =) x

  3. RO!! I LOVE THIS POST! You have an amazing collection!!! Its like a shop in here!! Can stare at all the items you have all day lol (n biggup muji storage lol I got one for my jewellery lol)

    1. Aw thanks Ling!! =D You can come and raid it anytime! Yhh whoop whoop Muji! ha! =) x

  4. Homebase! There isn't a muji store near me so it's hard to come by pretty organisers =( that three drawer set is gorgeous, I'm so going to raid Homebase for some storage solutions now! Your make-up storage is so organised =) x

    1. Aw that's such a shame! Maybe buy online? But yh have a look at Homebase or B&Q or Ikea? Thanks lovely! =D x


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