Saturday, 3 March 2012

Book Corner!

Hello my shining stars! A non-beauty related post today, I thought I would share a recent book I enjoyed.

A friend and I were in Waterstones having a look browse around because we both wanted a new book to read (and we just generally love looking at books hours on end). We came across ‘Sanctus’ by Simon Tyone. It was a completely random choice, no thought, just impulse; we read the blurb and it had us sold. We decided that we would both read it and then discuss it at the end. We both loved it and cannot wait for the second one.

It was a brilliant read. A lot of characters to get to know, but it give’s you an insight to each characters reasoning and purpose throughout the story. It’s based on a fictional city; I would say it’s a bit like the Da Vinci code in that it talks about the church and conspiracies, but completely fake. Although it does make you think. It’s an easy read and I would definitely recommend it if you’re into a thrillers.

The second book is coming out on the 12th April, I am definitely going to purchasing it to see what happens next.

What recent books have you read? What would you recommend to read? =) x


  1. Sounds interesting, I just finished the Hunger Games books, now I'm looking for a new book to start!

    1. OO that's on my list!! I want to read Game of Thrones next and then Hunger Games! x

  2. this book must be amazing :)
    great post!


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