Friday, 16 March 2012

Amour amour amour!

I am so excited to share with you my recent purchase! I finally own a NARS blush! Cannot believe it has taken me this long to purchase one of their blushes, especially considering all the love that is out there for them. I know that people love NARS orgasm but, I’m sorry, I don’t get it, maybe because I don’t like a lot of shimmer in my blushes.

But Ooo…Ahhh…that packaging, it just makes me melt. I know that is a silly thing to say but it makes a difference, at least to me! It makes me feel as though it was money well spent.

I didn’t want to share this post until I had actually tried it on my face. Now, I own a NARS Multiple and that’s it when it comes to this much loved brand. There are many things on my wish list from this company but right now I can’t justify getting them.

So these are my thoughts on it; the colour I bought was in ‘Amour’, not a blush I have heard a lot about. It’s a dusky pink colour, it’s very (I mean very) pigmented and it cost me £21.00.

A warning I would give to those who have never used a NARS blush before is; tap off the excess and only lightly touch your brush into the pan! I underestimated the pigmentation; when I first applied it I had to blend it out with my foundation brush because I looked like a clown. Lol! But I can understand why people love NARS blushes so much. I think this is a blush that I am going to wear through the sunny days of Spring and Summer! =)

I am now eyeing up Sin, but we shall see. What NARS blushes would you recommend? Which is your favourite? =) x


  1. beautiful shade, love nars products!!

    1. My list is slowly getting longer! haha! x

  2. Hey Rohini!
    Ahhh a blush from finally gave in!
    I'm glad you did. I own Gina from nars, it's a nice matte orange/coral colour. I also tend to over apply, especially when I'm in a rush! oopsie, haha!
    great post,can't wait to see you wearing it!
    Ayesha xx

    1. I knoww...can't believe I finally have one! lol! Oo I will check out Gina next time! =) I shall try and do a post of me wearing it! x

  3. I LOVE nars blushes, I own waaaayyy too many than I should! But I don't have this one in my collection, but omg it looks GORGEOUS!!!! im dying just looking at it, DEFS buying this one next!! I know what you mean about Orgasm, but I do love it. For Asian skin tones I'd say our Orgasm was in the shade Torrid, you should check it out, it was my first one back in 2009 and still my all time fave Nars blush! xxx

    1. Lol...I didn't mean to tempt you! But now I want to look at Torrid! I wish I had started this NARS love affair long ago! =) x


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