Saturday, 8 June 2013

April/May Favourites!

This is a stupidly delayed favourites post. Considering that I didn't do an April favourites, this is going to be a combination of both April and May favourites.

So, getting into it…


Make up:

Starting with my favourite combination to pair up in terms of makeup, my new No7 BB lips in "Blush Pink" it gives the most subtle tint of colour and sheen and combined with my newly bought & Other Stories blush in "Cabbage Pink" my face has been looking nicely made up without being "in your face". These two goes so beautifully together! It's not the most spring colouration but it suits my skin tone.

Next is my re discovery of the No7 Exceptional Definition mascara. I always go back to this mascara, it just defines (hence the name) my lashes like no other (that I've tired). I think this is my 4th tube…that says a lot right?

Moving onto a more spring like product, the Illamasqua cream blush in "Dixie" I just love the glow this gives. It's a perfect doll like colour, so makes you look fresh and ready for the day.

This last beauty item isn't a makeup product but a brush; the Real Techniques Setting Brush. I find that if I don't set my under eye concealer properly then I will get that darn unattractive creasing going on, I have found that this brush picks up the right amount of product and fits perfectly underneath my eye.

Skin care:

My skin care product that I've been enjoying is my Body Shop Aloe Soothing night cream, it's quite a thick night cream which feels really nice when your skin is needing a little TLC.


Moving on to non beauty favourites.


Mad Men all I can say is I thought this would be boring but you get attached to the characters and it hypnotises you into watching it. If you like 60's makeup and fashion I would definitely recommend you watch it. The women in it are so well made up. It seems a bit odd in terms of the amount of smoking and sex (it's not explicit, don't worry...) but I still find myself watching it.

Iron Man 3…I love Robert Downey Jr in this role. He just plays it so well, helps that I have a slight crush on him. The third instalment did not disappoint me, definitely better than 2. The comedy element was perfect along with all the action.


I was properly introduced to Frank Ocean last month and I can't stop listening to his album. If you haven't checked it out you definitely need to, the lyrics are amazing. My favourite songs are "thinkin bout you", "pilot jones", "pyramids" & "bad religion", that's a lot of songs. Honestly I would say the whole album but I'm trying to be picky so you guys can pick a couple to listen to if you want to listen to something new.

I also went to a little gig with a couple of friends. I was introduced to The Felice Brothers because of my love for Mumford & Sons, my friend thought I would like them. I listened to them on youtube, but I wasn't completely sold. Then he told me they were having a little gig and if I wanted to go, we went, it was amazingly good. I would describe them as a rock/folk/country.

Sorry that this is a late post, I hope you don't mind, I've been lacking in the blogging mood, but hopefully this will ease me into the swing of things again.

Hope you are all well! =D



  1. I love no7 mascaras, they're great quality! I still haven't seen Iron Man 3 and this bugs me :( x

    1. They are, it really says something when you keep going back to one. Hayley! You really need to watch it! xo

  2. I want to try that mascara!
    I actually love No7 mascaras! xx

    1. It's really good, esp when you don't need any extra volume. xo

  3. I have read lots about these No7 BB Lips thingys, I think I need to buy one! xxx

    1. Ohh I seriously love it! The texture and colour are so lovely! xo

  4. Iron man 3 is awesome loved it! and agreed on the whole Robert Downey Jr thing! :) x


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