Monday, 14 January 2013

Breakfast Club Scrub!

I'll be honest, I've never really understood the hype surrounded Soap & Glory products, all I ever understood was that it smelt amazing. But, in the name of blogging (yh, right!) I thought I would try out a couple of their products. I picked up the Breakfast Scrub and the Righteous Butter. As previously stated in last months favourites post, I don't quite understand the love with the body butter, to me it's just a normal moisturiser, I think that the Body Shop body butters are much better.


Let me start by saying that this product smells AMAZING! Like, I literally want to eat it! (not that I would, definitely not). It says it's a maple smell, I think it's more of a toffee smell, whatever it is, it's scrumptious.

The scrub itself it literally just 'scrub' particles, what I mean is there is no liquid part to this. I have used loads of scrubs and most tend to have some kind of cream or liquid counterpart to the scrub micro beads. I personally love that this doesn't. It just gives a better result in terms of exfoliation. It's slightly more 'gentle' than exfoliating gloves, which I love using. I take a scoop of this to go over my whole body, I always forget I don't need a lot because it goes quite far when spread. You don't need to scrub with pressure, just let the sugar do what it needs to do and rub in circular motions.


It definitely leaves my body feeling softer. I have a similar scrub from the body shop in terms of consistence and the fact that it's a sugar scrub but as soon as that touches the water it dissolves. The Soap & Glory one, however, does not. It still stays coarse when water has touched it allowing you to have a good scrub.

It's not the most moisturising scrub I've used but that doesn't particularly bother me because I put the moisture back into my skin when I'm out of the shower, which I suggest everyone do anyway.

It's quite an abrasive scrub, so if you're looking for something gentle I would stay away from this one.


£9.50 for 300ml - for the amount you get, worth the price tag.

I, personally, am smitten with this scrub. The combination of using this and my exfoliating glove is perfect for my skin. If you wax your skin (for hair removal) and you find that you get ingrown hairs I would definitely tell you to invest in exfoliating gloves and this scrub. I find that it works the best at preventing them when keep up with a routine of using these two.



  1. I really like most of the Soap & Glory products I've tried :) The only thing I don't like about the scrubs are the mess they leave on the floor of the shower haha. xxx

    1. Haha! So true! But the benefits outweigh a quick wash of the tub ;-) xo

  2. OMG this smells so daam good :) x x

    1. I would so eat it! You know, if it wasn't meant for your body! lol! xo


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